CBD Oil 2021 Users Choice Recommendations

If you prefer natural medicinal plants to chemical aids when it comes to health, you should definitely deal with the active ingredient CBD from the hemp plant. Its effectiveness for mental illnesses (e.g. sleep disorders and anxiety states) as well as physical complaints (e.g. rheumatism and cramps) makes the cannabinoid so interesting and amazing at the same time.

CBD Oil Buying Advice: Choose the Right CBD-Oil Products

CBD oil is classified in the dietary supplement category. This is also thanks to the additional vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. It is therefore not a declared medicinal product. High-dose CBD oil has a pure CBD content of 8 to 10 percent. This type of oil is particularly recommended for acute complaints such as insomnia and chronic pain. CBD oil for smoking is also called CBD liquid and, unlike CBD oil, has no proven health benefits.

When thinking of hemp, many people first think of consuming the marijuana plant in the form of a joint to smoke. The plant has countless different areas of application in health, cosmetics and nutrition, which are often underestimated. The fear of contact and the image of cannabis are largely unjustified: the hemp plant is one of the most versatile crops of all.

The Essentials in Brief

The extracted active ingredient CBD is celebrating a big comeback nowadays, especially in medicine. The CBD oil obtained from the leaves can either be used directly orally or smoked as a liquid in a vaporizer or in a shisha or e-cigarette in vaporized form.

Since CBD is absorbed by mucous membranes the fastest, the medicinal effects of CBD in the form of oil are most effective. Oral ingestion means that the active ingredient enters the organism directly and therefore has a better effect than when it is taken through the lungs.

CBD Oil Effects

The list of effects of CBD oil is varied and long. However, the extent to which the oil works differs from person to person:

  • psychosomatic illnesses: sleep disorders, anxiety, panic attacks;
  • physical complaints: rheumatism, arthritis, convulsions, sclerosis, osteoporosis;
  • Skin diseases: psoriasis, acne.

Buying Advice: Is High-Dose CBD Oil Good for Health and CBD Liquid Suitable for Enjoyment?

Before buying CBD oil, there are a few things you can check to make sure the quality and effectiveness of the product meet your needs.

The quality of a CBD oil can be determined on the basis of quality seals. With an organic product with organic certification, you can assume that the ingredients have been grown and processed sustainably and under the requirements of European agriculture. This also means that organic CBD oil is free of toxic additives, such as chemical flavorings and colorings.

CBD oil for smoking in the shisha or e-cigarette almost always contains aromatic substances and synthetic fragrances. They are absolutely unsuitable for oral ingestion.

The effect is determined by the purity of the product and the amount of cannabinoids. Particularly high-dose items, i.e. CBD oil with a 10 percent share of pure CBD, have a targeted and effective effect against chronic and acute complaints.

Lower dosed CBD oils with 5 percent CBD are suitable for preventive use and help against stomach pain, nausea or headaches.

CBD liquids for smoking in a vaporizer often do not contain pure, extracted CBD. This type of CBD oil is more suitable for consumption than for fighting ailments.

Ingredients: With Vitamins and Minerals for an Energy Boost?

Each CBD oil consists of a carrier oil combined with cannabinoids and possibly supporting additives. Hemp seed oil is often used as a carrier oil.

These are the main components of CBD oil:

  • a carrier oil (usually hemp seed oil);
  • cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBC, CBG and CBN);
  • additives (vitamins, trace elements, unsaturated fatty acids).

Almost all manufacturers of CBD oil as a dietary supplement add valuable vitamins, trace elements and unsaturated fatty acids to their product to increase the effect.

These are ingredients that are added additionally:

  • unsaturated fatty acids: omega-3, omega-6, omega-9;
  • trace elements: zinc, magnesium, sodium, phosphorus, zinc, iron, potassium, calcium;
  • Vitamins: Vitamin C, Vitamin B12.

CBD Oil Effects and Side Effects: What does Science Say?

The spectrum of effects of CBD oil is very diverse. Cannabinoids in general and CBD in particular are potent radical scavengers and therefore, have cell-protective properties that are particularly beneficial in the treatment of cancer. For example, CBD inhibits the reproduction of brain tumor cells, which has been proven in various studies with rats.

However, it is also a fact that CBD oil is not an approved drug. It is declared and sold as a dietary supplement and should also be used as such.

The positive effect of the oil on health is still proven by various studies and CBD oil tests. In particular, the antioxidant effects of CBD oil are highlighted.

The analgesic effect has also been proven in some CBD oil tests. Accordingly, taking CBD stimulates certain nerve endings, the vanilloid receptors of type 1 and type 2, which control the sensation of pain. If the receptors are stimulated by CBD, the pain-relieving effect occurs.

Pure CBD is only addressed in connection with possible side effects. In principle, CBD side effects are very low and are mainly limited to people who have an unstable psyche or a high potential for addiction. The side effects of concentration disorders, increased lack of motivation and fatigue are then spoken of.

How to Find the Right CBD Oil

Hemp beginners should buy 5% CBD oil. Although the dosage is individual for each person, it is simple: Start with one drop each morning and one in the evening and increase after a few days. Do this until you feel the desired effect.

Advanced users, on the other hand, should buy 10% CBD oil, or a more concentrated oil. In any case, do not resort to more concentrated oil until you have tried the lighter ones! The reason for this: Only then can you find out your individual dose.

What is Important

CBD oil is a matter of trust. We noticed that quickly in our tests. In order to make this topic easier for you, we have done what is always advised: Gain experience! Sometimes adventurous and difficult, but successful!

Ultimately, you have no choice but to start your own test when buying CBD oil. The only thing left for us to do is to wish you good health and strong performance.