Hemp Chocolate For Your Family: Best Products and Brands for 2021

It goes without saying that chocolate is probably one of the best things in the world, is not it? No wait, that’s cannabis! In fact, hemp chocolate is probably one of the best unions in the world.

Chocolate has been used for centuries as a food, remedy, and even aphrodisiac. It is also considered a stimulant and has many medical benefits when consumed in moderation.

In the same way, cannabis has also been used for more than a thousand of years as an industrial crop, a cure and a spiritual aid. And as we know, cannabis also has a wide range of health benefits.

Today, we know that cannabis and chocolate go together very well. After all, that’s the reason why there is a whole market of CBD chocolate edible products, from CBD dark chocolate to CBD milk chocolate in full expansion around the world.

What is CBD chocolate? Both ingredients history

Cocoa beans are naturally growing in the America, the Aztecs, the Olmecs and Yucatán people consumed them for the first time around five thousands years ago. The cocoa beans were used by them as medicine and a staple. Interesting fact, many historical researches say that Montezuma (the Aztec emperor) found the sexual stimulation quality in cocoa beans, and took some of them before he went to bed.

Both hemp and cannabis have interesting history; they have been used a lot in medicine or for purposes. Probably the oldest cannabis use record is from 2,300 BC in Shu King, Chinese book.

The book contains the fact of cannabis fiber usage by the Chinese to make rope or clothes. And the plant itself was used as a medical treatment for almost everything, from menstrual cramps to even things like rheumatism. We have just found out that cocoa and cannabis have some things in common.

Around 113 specific chemical compounds are contained in cannabis, they are called cannabinoids. The most well-known are THC (the plant’s main ingredient with psychoactive effect) and CBD (an ingredient with fantastic properties useful in medical field).

Once the cannabinoids are consumed, they start interacting with the endocannabinoid system (SEC). This is a natural process occurring inside of us and receptors of just two types take part in it and cannabinoids can trigger those – CBD and THC.

The first cannabinoid receptors were discovered by the scientists in a rat’s brain back in 1988. Some time after, these receptors were also found in the human brain, so many important questions were raised.

Then one more important discovery took place in 1992, that year a researchers team which Dr. Raphael Mechoulam led found such thing an endocannabinoid that human brain produces naturally, the name of which is anandamide. It was in 1995, that Mechoulam along with his researchers finally isolated one more important endogenous cannabinoid called 2-AG.

How does CBD chocolate work?

Researchers would now like to extend their analysis to other cannabinoids such as cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive substance found in many edible products. They also plan to investigate not pot chocolate chip cookies and would ultimately help develop standardized methods for assessing the activity of cannabis in edible products. “We owe this research to the scientific community, producers and consumers,” some scientists conclude.

Many scientists are currently investigating the effects of cannabis-infused foods. Recently, US researchers have conducted work on mice that have voluntarily eaten THC. After eating, the rodents were less active and the temperature of their bodies lower. These effects were all the more pronounced in males, they noted.

Types and differences of CBD chocolate

The chocolate is probably the easiest and definitely a discreet way for CBD oil consuming. We get so many questions regarding CBD and the different methods available to consume it. Some people enjoy using a special concentrate because they want to feel the specific taste. This taste brings them the feeling like they are trying extremely healthy things. Nevertheless, it is exactly this taste that many people try to avoid and they are trying to make this regular CBD consumption much more pleasant. Chocolate is very delicious and is practically the most delightful way to add some CBD into your daily diet. Are there any people who hate chocolate?

Not that many CBD edibles can be found online, and those few that you can find are mostly inconsistent and bland. This is why we were very happy when we found CBD chocolates.

Each CBD chocolate bar is not only delicious, but also consists of a good CBD concentration. But be careful, because we have found some pot chocolate companies that don’t have their CBD content listed!

How to use CBD chocolate?

Now available at Alchimia, Cannabichoc milk chocolate allows gourmands to enjoy the benefits of cannabinoids. This 50-gram artisanal chocolate plate contains 2.3% hemp extract, including 200 mg of CBD (Cannabidiol), a molecule known for its many therapeutic properties.

This chocolate also contains traces of other cannabinoids, including 0.1% THC; although this rate is lower than the legal limit of 0.2%, it still represents 50 mg of THC per tablet of 50g, which must be consumed in moderation. This product is not suitable for children, and the maximum dose recommended by the manufacturer is 10g per day and per adult.

Benefits of CBD chocolate

Anandamide is a special neurotransmitter, it is even often called the “happiness molecule” due to the fact that it can produce effects similar to THC, like, for example, euphoria.

And it is not difficult to finally understand why THC and anandamide have chemical structures that are very much alike and can interact with the same CB1 along with CB2 receptors.

This cannabis and chocolate combination can provide the stimulating effects and euphoric qualities of the both things. If you decide to use cannabis as some kind of a therapy, you will soon realize that the chocolate/cannabis combination will rapidly enhance all the advantages they both have.

Anandamide, just like other cannabinoids that are present in cannabis, has a significant impact on mood and pain management, and more. People have recently proved that it can have a positive effect on neurogenesis, as well as some antidepressant and anxiolytic properties.

Anyone who prefers ingesting tinctures or other strong concentrates, cannabis oils or different cannabis juices will reveal the sad truth: the taste of grass is really awful.

By the way, those patients who consume cannabis or concentrates derived from cannabis are looking for the better ways to hide the plant’s strong taste without having to interfere with its effects.

This is where we need to remind you of chocolate. It doesn’t only help to mask the flavor of cannabis, but as we could notice earlier, it could even increase the plant’s therapeutic potential.

Effects of CBD chocolate

Chocolate is often considered as some kind of an aphrodisiac. For many decades, scientists thought that two chemical stimulants present in chocolate were the reason for this, phenylethylamine and tryptophan.

Nevertheless, many recent studies show that rather low concentrations of these chemicals is contained in chocolate, this surely means that they won’t really have any obvious aphrodisiac effect.

So why is it so that many people keep on associating feelings of desire or love with chocolate? Well, nobody has the answer. What we can say is that there may be similar properties present in cannabis that increase sexuality.

Many people who use cannabis assure that it can significantly improve the sexual activity pleasure. Others claim they get the feeling of special intimacy with the partner while they are enjoying the cannabis influence.

It doesn’t matter if you’re accentuating the certain cannabinoid effects, trying to mask the your medicine awful flavor, or make your love life more exciting, you should really consider mixing chocolate with cannabis. There are several available options. The most traditional of them all are probably the chocolate edibles.

If happily live in that great area where sales of cannabis are legal, you can buy cbd chocolate and many various marijuana product, for example, chocolate bars, brownies, truffles, and many others.

Side effects of CBD chocolate

Remember that edible marijuana products often have effects much stronger than a joint because when you ingest cannabis in a food or drink, the latter goes through the digestive system. During the absorption process, THC passes through the liver where it is converted into a more potent form. The normal form of THC, delta-9, is transformed into 11-hydroxy-THC, which crosses the blood-brain barrier with much greater impact.

What’s more, a person who ingests cannabis tends to behave more risky than a smoker. “When you eat it (NDLR cannabis), it takes at least an hour, a typical case is someone who is used to smoking who eats a first brownie and, feeling nothing, eats another, then another, and when suddenly the effect occurs, the person is in a state of overdose, “explained Ian Culbert, the director of the Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA), to the media in 2017.


About 100 years ago, the medical use of marijuana began to be supplanted by modern medicines, and in 1925 many countries banned the circulation of marijuana as a result of the ratification of the Geneva Convention. But why did marijuana regain its drug status in the 21st century high technology?

At the end of the last century, the pharmacological mechanisms of action of cannabinoids were substantiated. Cannabinoid receptors have been discovered both on the cells of the nervous system and in all body tissues. Even later, scientists discovered that neurons can independently synthesize cannabinoid analogues. The endogenous cannabinoids synthesized in the brain stem suppress nausea, vomiting and pain, regulate appetite in the hypothalamus, emotions in the amygdala, memory in the hippocampus, and smooth muscle tone in the cortex. New data has pushed pharmaceutical companies to develop cannabinoid-based drugs.

Have we ever eaten chocolate with CBD?

Recently, we were able to try weed chocolate bar. We especially liked Euphoria chocolate. The manufacturer also offers different versions with different CBD content. We tested the chocolates with 12 mg and 18 mg of CBD.

The chocolates have a hemp taste. Unlike CBD candies, they taste much less pronounced. Overall, the chocolate at CBD has a very good taste for us. It’s the best CBD candy we’ve eaten so far. The chocolate bar is divided into generous pieces, which makes dosage relatively easy.

As for the mode of action, however, we must say that we have not felt much now. We think chocolate could be used as a snack.

How much chocolate?

There is no generally valid dosage recommendation. This is also due to the fact that each organism reacts differently to CBD. Of course, the dosage still depends on the CBD content and what you want to achieve by taking CBD.


In addition to CBD oil chocolate and chocolate that looks like weed, there are several other products that contain cannabidiol. Whether it is a food, a food supplement or a cosmetic product.

Among the most popular products are CBD oil, CBD liquids and CBD capsules. They are found in all online stores and in all hemp stores. If you want CBD in its purest form, you should buy CBD crystals.

If you want to try other cannabis foods after weed chocolate bars, you’ll be spoiled for choice: coffee, hemp tea and hemp lemonade with CBD sweets (we could try them out ourselves, chewing gum at CBD.

Even cosmetic products like shampoo or shower gel are already available in combination with CBD. Personally, we find the CBD cream particularly interesting. It is particularly beneficial for skin problems or joint pain.

As you can see, the wide range of products such as best CBD chocolate has something to satisfy everyone.