Building an engaged audience on Instagram to promote your company is a difficult endeavour. If you’re just getting started and wondering how to gain more Instagram followers, make sure you know who you’re attempting to target. Create a plan that describes your target audience and outlines how you will attract them to your account. When it comes to building your Instagram profile, remember that purchasing followers is not the way to go. Neither is content creation. Excellent audience research and high-quality content will assist you with in building a genuine audience of individuals with free Instagram followers without human verification rather than bots.

Determine the tone of voice and personality of your brand

This may seem apparent, but your brand’s tone of voice and attitude should make a consistent impression. You want to ensure that your online identity is friendly and personable. Producing material in which an employee, or even better, a customer, describes your product or service may help your business become more relevant. If your business is in the lifestyle category, you may build an aesthetic that expresses your clients’ lifestyle. Regardless of your eventual aim, all of your postings should have a similar brand personality and visual language so that they can be recognised as, well, yours.

Create a social media marketing plan

A solid social media plan should be aligned with your overall business objectives and incorporate your social media marketing goals. Do you want to increase brand recognition? Increase sales? Or do you want to generate visitors to your website? The first step in getting there is deciding where you want to go.  You can also check

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Identify your ideal audience

You are flinging feathers in the wind if you don’t know who you are aiming for. Your target audience’s age, geography, employment, and Instagram usage may all be used to characterise them. They are likely to have common challenges and worries, as well as lifestyle goals, and your material should address these concerns, inspire, and engage them. Your target audience will be more inclined to follow you and stick with you if you thank them properly. If you are unsure where to begin, consult our guide on creating audience and buyer personas.

Create a unified appearance and feel for your brand

Consider your Instagram grid to be a crucial first impression. Every post on your Instagram grid should be interesting, demonstrating to followers that your high aesthetic standards are worth following. Your postings should display as one unit in an aesthetically pleasant manner.