Lice are wingless, tiny insects found on the head, body or pubic area of the human body and fed human blood from those areas. It can spread from one person to another if they come in close contact with one another. lice specialist dallas treats and removes this insect professionally. If it’s not treated properly, it can become a recurring problem. So, to treat lice visit the  specialist in Dallas.

Types and symptoms of lice:

  1. Head lice are when the nits (eggs) of the insect are found mainly in the head. It also lives near the ears and neck of the person.
  2. Body lice are when the lice living in the clothes and bedding of the person then transmit to their body to feed blood. It attacks that person who doesn’t bathe or wash clothes often.
  3. Pubic lice live in the skin and hair of the pubic area of the person. It is also called crabs. In rare cases, lice can also be found on the eyelashes, eyebrows and chest hair.

Nits are the eggs from which head lice hatch themselves. It causes irritation and intense itching on the scalp, body and pubic area. It sometimes causes redness and a blood patch seen on the skin due to feeding.

Services of the Lice Specialist Dallas, Texas: 

  1. Treatment of lice at home.

The specialist in Dallas provides the lice treatment facility in the comfort of the home. Now, people can remove lice without moving from one place to another in search of good doctors, as people can book an appointment online with experts who will reach their homes within hours.

  1. Treatment is done privately.

The treatment is discreet and is done privately without mentioning anything. The car owned by the specialist is unmarked and maintains the privacy of the person taking the lice treatment.

  1. Nominal fees.

The charges for the treatment are less in comparison to the fees of doctors in the offline facility. The staff appointed is an expert and charges nominal fees from the family of patients.

  1. Use of natural products.

The products used to treat lice are chemical-free and natural. The products are toxin free and have no side effects. These products are safe for babies and used in a protective environment.

  1. 24*7 service.

The service is open for twenty-four hours. People can book an appointment at any point with just one click. The treatment is given with a guarantee and done professionally by the professionals in the treatment.

Consider the benefits of online treatment and treat your lice from the  specialists in Dallas.